Nayan Eye Centre

Nayan Eye Centre

Pvt. Ltd.

Enhancing Vision ..... Enriching Lives

Comprehensive & Personalized Eye Care

46 B Garcha Road. Kolkata 700019.
Enter Garcha Road Opp. MUKTI WORLD - TANISHQ.
Keep Gariahat Tram Depot to your left.
(Garcha Road is one traffic signal south of Ballygunge Phari)
Ph: 9830159838 (9 AM to 6 PM, Mon to Sat)

Nayan Eye Centre Pvt. Ltd. / Enhancing Vision ..... Enriching Lives / Comprehensive & Personalized Eye Care

Nayan Eye Centre

Cataract (PHACO /MICS), SMILE/ RELEX,  LASIK, Refractive Lens Exchange(RLE), Glaucoma, Retina, LASERS, Diabetic Eye Diseases, Squint & Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Contact Lens, Low Vision Aids

What We Do

The main objects of Nayan Eye Centre Pvt. Ltd. are

  1. To provide cutting edge technology & expertise in delivering care in the field of Ophthalmic Medicine & Suragery in general and Cataract Surgery in Particular.
  2. To foster innovation by engaging in research, development & commercialization of ocular, optical and visual  sciences and therapies and allied fields. The B-HEX Pupil Expander is the first venture in this direction.

Cataract Surgery

  1. Topical Anaesthesia – Drops only,
  2.  No Injection, No Pain, No Stitch, No Pad
  3. Return to Office / Kitchen – Same Day

  4. Take Bath – Next Day

  5. Phaco / MICS (Micro Incision Cataract Surgery)

  6. Premium IOLs 

    Toric  IOLs  – For Cylindrical  power
    Multifocal  IOLs – Distance & Near 

Lasik Surgery

  1. Get rid of Spectales & Contact Lenses
  2. Simple Preoperative Evaluation
  3. Resume College, Office Next day
  4. Bladeless (Femto LASIK) available
  5. Simple Postoperative protocol

Comprehensive Eye Care

  • Computerized Testing  Spectacles

  • LASIK – LASER removal of Spectacle power

  • Diabetic Eye –  Check up & Treatment

  • LASER treatment – for  Retinal  Diseases

  • Glaucoma  –  Evaluation and Surgery

  • Retina – Medical & Surgical treatment

  • Squint  – Correction & Orthoptics

  • Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) –  Treatment

  • Contact  Lens 

    • Spherical/ Regular/ Cosmetic

    • Toric – For Cylindrical Power

    • Yearly / Disposable Lenses
  • Low Vision Aids, Magnifiers, Reading Aids etc. for Age Related Macular Degeneration & Macular disease due to Diabetes etc.  

Best Paper at 2014 ASCRS

Best Paper at 2014 ASCRS (American Society of Cataract Surgery) Meeting:  INDIA       

We provide special care for
Diabetic diseases of the Eye

We also take extra care to plan and execute Cataract Surgery in the Diabetic patient. 
At ‘Nayan Eye Centre’ we understand that; 
‘The Elderly’ need compassion, ‘The Children’ need care, ‘The Executive’ is hard pressed for time & ‘The Homemaker’ has to manage all fronts. We use the latest technology & highest levels of skill on the one hand and individualised attention on the other.