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46 B Garcha Road. Kolkata 700019.
Enter Garcha Road Opp. MUKTI WORLD - TANISHQ.
Keep Gariahat Tram Depot to your left.
(Garcha Road is one traffic signal south of Ballygunge Phari)
Ph: 9830159838 (9 AM to 6 PM, Mon to Sat)

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You require only one visit to our clinic before your operation if you plan and prepare in advance.
Please read below and call 9830159838 (9 am to 6 pm, Mon to Sat) for clarifications

Before taking an Appointment for Consultation

If another Doctor has diagnosed that you to have a Cataract

You can keep the following ready even before you book an appointment for Consultation with us:

  1. Blood Pressure Check Up Report
  2.         Blood Sugar Report & Acceptable limits
    1. If not Taking medicines for Diabetes
      1. Fasting less than 110mg/dl
      2. PP Less than 140mg/dl
    2. If you are not taking medicines for Diabetes & your Sugar levels are above these and your Physician / Diabetologist issues a fitness certificate we will accept the same.
    3. If your are taking medicines for Diabetes:

      1. Fasting less than 140mg/dl
      2. PP Less than 200mg/dl

3. Hb, TC, DC, ESR

4. Blood Urea & Creatinine

5. ECG

6. If you are a CARDIAC PATIENT – Cardiologists Fitness for Cataract Operation – This should be clearly stated on your Cardiologist or Physicians prescription:

                  You may convey the following to your CARDIOLOGIST:

Phaco Surgery at our Centre is done under Topical Anesthesia (No Injection)

We provide Monitored care (BP, ECG & Pulse Oximeter) by Anesthesiologist

Anticoagulants may continue as per the Cardiologists advice

If You are not sure you have a Cataract

You could Still get the above tests done prior to the consultation. Or you could get them done after a confirmation from us that you have a Cataract.

Having the tests ready when you come for consultation can save you another visit. 

Appointment for Consultation

Please click on Appointment to schedule an appointment for Consultation.

Please remember to cancel your appointment well in advance if you are unable to make it. You could give another patient (with probably an emergency) the opportunity to avail of our services.  

On the Day of Consultation

Please report 15 minutes prior to your Scheduled Appointment – to complete registration formalities.

Please be prepared to spend 2 hours or more. Eye examination often requires dilatation of pupils with drops which require time to act.

Please bring along the persons who are likey to help you take a decision. We would like to explain your condition, the options, the expenses and clarify any doubts during the first visit itself.

Please be prepared with the following amount (in cash) to help you complete most formalities towards an Examination & Booking for Cataract Operation:

  1. Consultation: Rs. 800
  2. Specular Microscopy: Rs 1000 (Each Eye Rs 500)
  3. Biometry: Both Eyes: Rs 1000 (Each Eye Rs 500).
    1. We often prefer to perform this on both eyes for medical reasons.
    2. A Biometry remains valid even if you choose to have the Operation done after a few months.
  4.         OCT (Macula) Both Eyes: Rs 3000 (Each Eye Rs 1500)
  5. Operation Booking Advance: Rs 5000 or above

Please do not rush us – we value your time and are always trying our best to go as fast as possible.

Typically, a Cataract patient will go through the following on the day of Consultation:

  1. Greeting & Registration at the Reception
  2. History taking & preliminary examination by our Optometrist
  3. Instillation of Eye Drops to dilate the Pupils.
  4. Consultants Examination & discussion
  5. Biometry, Specular Microscopy & OCT Examination
  6. Operation Booking (only if reports are available and within acceptable limits)
  7. Scanning of Documents
  8. Bye! for now – see you on the day of Operation.
All these examinations are done using advanced, non-contact, state of the art machines.

Biometry is an examination of the eye to determine the power of the Intraocular Lens required to replace your Cataract.
We have the most advanced Optical Biometry machine Tomey OA 2000 which gives very accurate results in a matter of few seconds.

Specular Microscopy is the examination to assess the health of your Cornea. The Cornea is the transparent dome-like structure in the front of the eye. This information is vital before we embark on Cataract surgery.

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) Examination is used to assess the health of your Retina. If the Retina is not healthy, the outcome of Cataract surgery may be less than perfect. You may choose to have theOCT Examination done on the day of first consultation or at a later date. If you choose a later date, you will again require pupillary dilation and the mandatory waiting time.

 Operation Booking

At the time of Booking an Operation you are required to make a choice of:

  1. Date(s) of Surgery: You could book for one or both eyes. Most patients are getting
    both eyes operated on on Tuesday & Thursday of the same week.
    By doing that, your benefit is that:
    a) The efforts of putting eye drops after operation is reduced
    b) The post operative check ups are clubbed together. This reduces the fee and repeated visits
    c) Spectacles for both eyes are prescribed at the same time 

  2. Package –
    • Which depends on the type of Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) being used and other factors.
    • We use only Foldable IOLs

Packages (Per Eye): 

      • Monofocal IOLs: Rs. 52000
      • Multifocal & Extended Range of Focus Lenses: Rs 78,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 
      • Toric Monofocal IOL: Rs  55000 to Rs 61000
      • Toric Multifocal  & Extended Range of Focus Lenses: Rs  1,22,000 to Rs 1,28,000

A token advance payment of Rs. 5000 is collected.

A printed Pre Operative instruction sheet is provided and the instructions are explained.

This sheet contains the mobile number of the consultant / assistant for any clarifications.

An Antibiotic eye drop is usually started 1 to 3 days prior to the date of Operation.

Costs & Packages

During your consultation, we will explain the costs and benefits of each type of surgery & package. Each patient and eye is different and what applies to one person may not apply to another.
We will try to provide you with information to help you make an informed choice. While the decision is always yours, we are always available to assist you nad clarify any doubts you may have.

However, you must remember that the value of every rupee spent is realized by you in every moment of the rest of your lifeNothing gives you more value for your money. 

On the Day of Operation

 You can take a bath and have your usual breakfast along with all the medicines for Hypertension ( BP) & Diabetes (Blood Sugar).

You are required to reach the Operation Theatre Facility ( KD Cure SC Das Memorial Medical & Research Centre, 52 Jodhpur Park. Kolkata – 68) by 10.00 AM.

At this facility, you will be received by the staff & the patient will be taken to the Day care ward. Friends and family remain seated at the lounge on the ground floor.

Our Anesthesiologist examines each patient for fitness for surgery and checks reports and medications. 


Payment is collected at admission or soon after that.

Payment is collected in Cash or by Credit Card (T&C Apply).

Cheque Payments are Accepted only if deposited at least 5 working days in advance.

Cheque to be drawn in favour of: KD Cure SC Das Memorial Medical Centre

Please write on Reverse of Cheque: Patient Name & Operation Date 

Online Payments (NEFT/ RTGS); at least 3 days in advance

Account/ Beneficiary: KD Cure SC Das Memorial Medical Centre
                                        (Use part of the name if the space does not permit)

Bank: Federal Bank, Ballygunge Branch, 

Ac No: 12840200026412

IFSC: FDRL0001284

Send email to: attaching Transaction note

    Please mention: Patient name & Operation date in email

Final Bills with full break up & Receipts are provided to the patient at discharge.

The patient undergoes a change of dress & is taken to the Operation theatre when his / her turn comes.

In the Operation theatre, No injection is given – only anaesthetic drops are instilled. The Operation lasts for 10 to 15 minutes. 

As soon as the surgery is over, the patients family is called and all instructions are explained by the ward Nurse.

 The patient goes home without any pad or dark glasses.

 The patient can resume activities like office work, reading, working on computers, kitchen, watching TV, evening walk, attending social functions etc. on the same day.

 The patient can take a full bath under the shower the very next day after Operation.

Post Operative Check Ups

First Post Operative Check up: The Patient has to attend our Clinic on the next working day.

Second Post Operative Check Up: within 5 – 7 days from Operation.

Third Post Operative Check Up: 3 weeks from Operation.

Prescription Of Glasses: usually on the third post operative Check up. Can be prescribed earlier for outstation patients or on request/ merit. 

  • This page will serve as a Step wise guide to help you prepare & plan before, during & after your Cataract operation with optimal use of time & resources.
  • If you are prepared with your Test reports etc. you could complete your consultation, examination & Operation date booking – all on the same day.