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cataract & phaco simplified



This article has been written to help people with cataracts and their families understand the condition better and know of the treatment options available in the present day. Today, cataract surgery is safe and very effective even at the earliest stage. 

What is a cataract? 
A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens that can cause vision problems. The most common type is related to aging. In the early stages, stronger lighting and eyeglasses may lessen vision problems caused by cataracts. At a certain point, however, surgery is needed to improve vision. 

What are the symptoms? 
The most common symptoms of a cataract are: 
* Cloudy or blurry vision. 
* Problems with light. These can include headlights that seem too bright at night; glare from lamps or very bright sunlight or a halo around lights. 
* Colors that seem faded and poor night vision. 
* Some people with a cataract find that their near vision suddenly improves, but this is temporary. Vision is likely to get worse again as the cataract grows. 

How is it treated? 
For an early cataract, vision may improve by using different eyeglasses, magnifying lenses, or stronger lighting. If these measures don’t help, surgery is the only effective treatment. This treatment involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with a substitute lens (artificial lens/intra ocular lens – IOL). 

How is a Cataract removed?

     In Phacoemulsification or Phaco or MICS (Micro Incision Cataract Surgery), a tiny incision is used to remove the cataract and an Intraocular Lens (IOL) is implanted.

    A Probe is inserted through a 1.8 to 2.8 mm incision made on the side of  the clear, dome-shaped cornea that covers the front of the eye. This device uses ultrasonic energy that breaks up the nucleus (seed) of the lens so it can be removed by suction. This incision doesn’t require stitches and allows early recovery. 

   This may be performed either under Local Anesthesia using an Injection by the side of the eyeball or Topical Anesthesia using only drops. The choice depends on the Skill, Experience, Equipment and Comfort of the surgeon & patient.

  Under Topical Anesthesia, there is  – No InjectionNo PainNo StitchNo Pad, No Dark glasses. You can take a Bath under a shower or attend Office or Kitchen the very next day. 

    The Operation takes just 10 minutes & Admission, Operation & Discharge is all completed within 3 hours.

    Phaco is best performed when the Cataract is immature. The surgery is safe and effective even at the earliest stage. In a Mature Cataract, the nucleus gets hard like the seed of a mango making surgery difficult.

Hence, it is best not to delay surgery.

 Phaco is the best form of Cataract Surgery. In Extra capsular surgery (ECCE/ Microsurgery), a 10 mm incision and sutures are used and In SICS ( Small Incision Cataract Surgery), a 5-7 mm incision is used. An Injection is used, Bathing, Stooping & lifting weights is restricted for 3 – 6 weeks in both. Both the wounds are less secure compared to Phaco and hence the restrictions. Phaco is done even in Summer as there are no bathing restrictions. 

    Our Consultants have been in practice since 1992 and have been performing Phaco surgery since 1997. We are doing Exclusively Topical Phaco (no Injection) since 2000.

    At Nayan Eye Associates, we use only Foldable IOLs and the smallest incision underTopical Anesthesia.

On the Day of Operation, you can take a bath & normal breakfast. You are comfortably accommodated in the Daycare ward. Your surgery is shown live  on a screen at the Lounge & a DVD can be provided on request. You return home for normal lunch & resume all activities.

  We perform Phaco in difficult situations like Hard / Hyper mature Cataracts, Small Pupil, Posterior Polar, Traumatic, Subluxated Cataracts, Cataract with Glaucoma (Primary, Phacomorphic & Phacolytic), Post RK, Post LASIK, Post Retinal Detachment, Post Vitrectomy Cataract etc.


Choice of IOL ?

Please read the next Article to to know how more about IOL choices