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Phaco + Foldable IOL(MICS) under Topical Anaesthesia (No Injection)

Phaco + Foldable IOL(MICS) under Topical Anaesthesia (No Injection)

Our surgeons are well trained and have keen interest in both Anterior Segment surgery (front of the eye that deals with Cataract, LASIK & Glaucoma) & Posterior Segment Surgery (back of the eye that deals with Retina & Vitreous). We have an advanced LASER machine with different delivery modes which helps treat the patient in sitting & lying down position keeping the patient comfortable at all times. We have the 3D Maestro OCT machine (Topcon) which helps in diagnosis and treatment of Cornea, Glaucoma and Retinal diseases. The Topcon Specular Microscope which helps us assess the health of the Cornea prior to Cataract Surgery. The Non-Contact Tonometer (NCT, Topcon) ensures that we record every patients Intraocular Pressure (IOP) as the first screening test for Glaucoma. We do follow up all glaucoma suspects and confirmed patients by Applanation Tonometry.

We have trained Optometrists who provide Customized low vision aids to suit individual needs of elderly patients with low vision due to Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) or other Retinal Diseases. Children with Lazy Eyes (Amblyopia) are helped with Amblyopia therapy sessions using the latest gadgets & devices. All problems are recognized and addressed at the same time. This avoids multiple consultations & examination.

  1. No Injections, No bleeding, No Stitch, No Pad,

    Daycare Admission – Night stay not required even for Mediclaim

    No restrictions – Enables early recovery with low risk of infection.

    Patient can attend office / business / kitchen the very same day. Admission, Operation & Discharge all within 3 hours. The Cataract is removed and a foldable IOL (Intra ocular Lens) is implanted through a wound which is 2.8 mm or less in size & requires no stiches. Best performed when cataract is immature & soft. However, we have been regularly performing this surgery on difficult cases like mature / hard cataracts, small pupil, diabetics etc. with excellent results. Having facility for vitreo-retinal surgery & trained surgeons, we are better prepared to deal with difficult and complicated situations. Similarly, we are able to manage unprecedented complications in a safe and effective manner.
  1. SMILE/ RELEX SURGERY Spectacle Power Removal

    Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) also known as Refractive Lenticule Extraction (RELEX) uses VisuMax femtosecond LASER, the latest advancement in laser vision correction for correction of MYOPIA (MINUS POWER). 
    Say Good bye to your glasses with this Bladeless LASER Surgery
    Very small 4 mm cut in cornea. Suitable for dry eyes

     LASIK SURGERY  Spectacle Power Removal

    Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) uses Excimer LASER for correction of MYOPIA (MINUS POWER). A Circular 300 degree cut (nearly 20 mm cut) is created to raise a hinged flap of the superficial layers of the Cornea. Then the bed of the cornea is treated with Excimer LASER.
    The Flap may be created either with a motorised blade (Microkeratome LASIK) or a Femtosecond LASER (Bladeless Femto LASIK).
    Femto LASIK offers greater precision.

  2. Strict selection of patients & rigorous testing criteria are the secret to the extremely predictable results for SMILE & LASIK at our centre.


    Small Incision Cataract surgery & Extra Capsular Cataract Extraction with IOL implantation are other options of dealing with a cataract. ECCE requires a large incision with 5 – 6 stitches – which means rest for about 6 weeks and various other restrictions. SICS is a shade better than ECCE but in no way can match up to the comforts, security & superior results of Phaco surgery. These surgeries are also performed at our centres where required.


    Had a surgery in the past with no IOL implantation or IOL could not be implanted due to a complication – Don’t loose hope – We can now put in an IOL irrespective of how long back you had your previous surgery.

  6. We offer medical and surgical treatment for Glaucoma. While eye drops help in the early stages, advanced and progressive type of Glaucoma requires surgery. Glaucoma surgery can be combined with Phaco / ECCE when cataract is coexistent.


    Iridocyclitis, Cataract, Retinopathy, Vitreous Haemorrhage, Retinal Venous & arterial thromboses etc. are some of the ways in which Diabetes affects the eyes. Diabetic patients require special care & LASER treatment. At our facility we have our own LASER machine and can provide all the required treatment under one roof.


    Dr. Bhattacharjee has done a fellowship in Vitreo-retinal surgery under Dr.P N Nagpal at Retina Foundation, Ahmedabad and has been successfully performing medical & surgical treatment for Retinal diseases.


    Havent got your squint corrected yet – It’s possible & its never too late. Regain your confidence. If your child has squint you must seek advice early. Earlier the treatment is instituted the better the results.


    We dispense the whole range of contact lenses including Toric (for cylindrical power), cosmetic and therapeutic lenses.


Patients with Retinal or Optic Nerve disease could have very low vision which can be enhanced with the use of various Optical & Non Optical Devices. We examine patients with low vision in great detail to determine whether reading vision aids or distance vision aids are required. We then dispense what would suit the patient best given his / her requirements & abilities. 


Some Children may have a condition called Lazy Eye. This happens when spectacles power was detected late or the eyes are not aligned properly due to squint. Since visual developmnt is nearly complete by 10 to 12 years of age, it is necessary for these children to undergo well planned schedule of ocular exercises which can stimulate vision. We have trained Optometrists who can evaluate and treat such children.


    A significant number of patients have persistent headaches & eye strain despite wearing the correct prescription for glasses. These patients may be suffering from Convergence or Fusional defects which can be corrected by careful assessment & Orthoptic Exercises. Others may be suffering from Latent subtle squints which can be corrected by such exercises.


    LASER correction of MYOPIA (MINUS POWER) – Say Good bye to your glasses. Strict selection of patients & rigorous testing criteria are the secret to the extremely predictable results at our centre.