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Q. Is Phaco operation Painful ?

A. Absolutely Painless operation. Dr. Bhattacharjee presently uses Topical Anaesthesia – i.e. Anaesthetic eye drops are used. So there is no Pain of even an injection prick. 

Q. How long does the operation take ?

A. The surgery takes about 10 – 15 mins. The whole process of Admission, Operation & Discharge takes less than 3 hours.

Q. How early can the patient see ?

A. As soon as the operation is over. With Topical Anaesthesia the surgery is a – No Injection, No pain, No stitch, No bleeding, No Eye pad, No Rest – Quick Recovery Surgery.

Q. How early can we get back to work / lift weights / take a bath ?

A. The very same day

Q. Are glasses / spectacles required after Phaco surgery ?

A. Glasses are required for distance or near depending on what the surgeon / patient chooses ( more often for near). Glasses are prescribed within 3 weeks. Multifocal IOLs provide an option of reduced spectacle dependance. Ask your Doctor.

Q. How does Maturity of the Cataract and age of the patient influence results ?

A. Though we are comfortable performing Phaco on mature cataracts it is best not to wait till maturity. The harder the cataract (like the seed of a ripe mango) – the more difficult the surgery. Age of the patient is not a factor if the eye is otherwise healthy. 

Q. Can Phaco be done if the other eye has undergone Microsurgery ?

A. Yes, of course. After all an IOL is implanted in both situations – only Phaco has greater benefits.

Q. What if the other eye has had a surgery long back or for any other reason an IOL was not implanted?

A. A Secondary IOL can always be implanted in the previously operated eye. Even otherwise, the quality of vision with a Phaco surgery and IOL implantation in one eye is far superior to both eyes with no IOL and thick glasses.information with a space (press “Enter” or “Return” on your keyboard to move to another line).