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Comprehensive & Personalized Eye Care

46 B Garcha Road. Kolkata 700019.
Enter Garcha Road Opp. MUKTI WORLD - TANISHQ.
Keep Gariahat Tram Depot to your left.
(Garcha Road is one traffic signal south of Ballygunge Phari)
Ph: 9830159838 (9 AM to 6 PM, Mon to Sat)

Nayan Eye Centre Pvt. Ltd. / Enhancing Vision ..... Enriching Lives / Comprehensive & Personalized Eye Care


Presently, we offer the Following services.

We would be happy to receive any suggestions that could help us serve you better.

  • APPOINTMENT BY Phone / SMS / email

    Just call us over Phone during working hours.

    Forgot to call us during working hours – just send a SMS or email & we’ll get in touch. Click on appointment  to request appointment.


    On your request, our reception can remind you about your appointment, Operation or follow up by Phone, SMS or email. Just leave a word with the Reception. Alternatively, you could place a request at 


    Send us an email request and we will send you a scanned copy of your present or past Prescription. Alternatively, you could place a request at


    Visit the MEDICLAIM Page  to learn how to avail of Multifocal IOLs and Premium IOLs and maximise benefits that you are entitled to under your existing policy.

    We require upfront payment for surgery. But, we will assist you in every possible way so that you can get the best out of your policy. Bring your Policy documents along and we will assist you with the paperwork. If your Policy is in order & fully paid up we can assure you of flawless paperwork & full reimbursement of your claim. It is upfront payment and submitting a claim for reimbursement which gives you maximum value for your money. Maybe, you’ll have to wait for a couple of months to get your claim, but you are the gainer in the long run.

             Insurance Companies / TPA’s have imposed a blanket ceiling on Cashless Cataract Surgery at Preferred Provider Network (PPN) Hospitals. It means that if you avail of Cashless Mediclaim for Cataract Surgery in any of the PPN Hospitals you will have to abide by the ceiling even if your Policy entitles you to more.
            Cashless Mediclaim ceilings may be much lower than what your policy entitles you. If you choose to restrict yourself to this ceiling – you are probably compromising on the quality of IOL or care, and not getting what is due to you as per your policy. You may choose to restrict your claim to the approved amount or pay the difference and not be reimbursed for this amount.                 On the contrary, you may choose to make a cash payment and get operated at a non PPN Hospital / Regd. Nursing Home, and you will be reimbursed to the full extent entitled by your Policy. There is no ‘Free Lunch’. On the face of it, it may appear that cashless mediclaim is safe because you don’t have to spend from your pocket, but you are probably being denied quality care which you have been paying a premium for. You may not have to spend upfront for your eye surgery, but do you get to choose your surgeon or your IOL? So pause and think before you decide.
    Disclaimer: The above is only meant to serve as a guideline to assist in patient care and is not a legal document. The facility, Doctors or staff will not be responsible for any damages arising out of any errors of omission or commission