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Nayan Eye Centre

Pvt. Ltd.

Enhancing Vision ..... Enriching Lives

Comprehensive & Personalized Eye Care

46 B Garcha Road. Kolkata 700019.
Enter Garcha Road Opp. MUKTI WORLD - TANISHQ.
Keep Gariahat Tram Depot to your left.
(Garcha Road is one traffic signal south of Ballygunge Phari)
Ph: 9830159838 (9 AM to 6 PM, Mon to Sat)

Nayan Eye Centre Pvt. Ltd. / Enhancing Vision ..... Enriching Lives / Comprehensive & Personalized Eye Care

Virtual Tour

We love our work place and hope you will like it too !!

Let us take you on a little tour of Nayan Eye Centre's out- patient facility.

The Tour

You walk through a drive way and a little garden to reach in front of our clinic. If you need a wheelchair please keep the front desk informed or call us when you reach and we’ll be there to receive you.

As you walk in through the glass door and face the reception desk you’ll notice the bright coloured chairs on either side and smiling faces which represents our spirit and theme. Once the registration and billing are done you remain comfortably seated till your turn comes.

So as not to disturb other patients and the clinic you are required to keep your mobile phones in silent mode throughout your stay in the clinic.

You are also required to step outside the clinic if you wish to speak on the mobile phone.

Facing the reception desk, to your right is a corridor leading to the work up stations for history taking and preliminary examination. To your left is the consultant’s room.

We request only one family member to accompany the patient when the history is recorded. Hence it is desirable that the member who can provide useful information accompany the patient.

Once the history is recorded and the preliminary examination is over you are required to return to the waiting area to see the consultant. You may often require to have drops instilled in your eyes for dilatation of the pupils. In which case you’ll need to wait for a minimum of 30 mins for the pupils to dilate. This may take longer in certain conditions.

When the patient is seen in the consultant’s room other family members may join in to understand the ailment and also participate in decision making.

Once you have been examined by the consultant you may be advised medicines, spectacles, investigations, procedures or an operation. 

Some procedures like LASER & Investigations like Biometry, Specular Microscopy & OCT etc. may be done the same day. We make every effort to complete billing and the procedures at the earliest.

Once everything is done you return to the reception desk in the waiting area. We scan all your documents and put all your papers in a file neatly and hand it over to you. You may take a date for the next consultation/ review right away or later over the phone.

 We accept Cash & Credit Card payments for all Outpatient (OPD) Services.